We offer safe and welcoming spaces within our large integrated centre where those caring for young children can get together, make friends, seek support and establish local networks.

The Groupwork Programme at Pen Green and Kingswood offers families a wide range of activities, courses and support. Some groups are for you to come to with your children, others are just for adults.

As an integrated centre, supporting families is a key part of our work at Pen Green. We recognise that individual families have specific needs that change over time so we work with all families on an individual basis. This enables us to offer appropriate emotional and practical help and advice to families facing long and short-term challenges.

We provide services that are respectful of children and parents’ individual differences; we value and celebrate ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. We focus not only on the education of the child but also consider the needs of the families. We offer parent education and adult community education for parents within the Centre.