The Pen Green Provision

Pen Green is a fully integrated centre with a multi-disciplinary team supporting children and families. Our vision is to inspire, challenge and innovate to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable children and their families.  We provide training courses, leadership and research opportunities and bespoke school to school support in all aspects of early years, primary and in some instances secondary work.

At Pen Green we see ourselves as a community of learners; learning with, from and alongside each other.

Pen Green is a powerful model of integrated services for children and families, a UK approach that came out of the work of Margaret McMillan at the beginning of the 20th century.

Pen Green is a radical model of co-education engaging parents in their children’s learning in an innovative way which is proven to have a huge impact on outcomes for children and outcomes for parents.

Pen Green is a hub of early years education the first of its kind. It is an Early Years Research, Development and Training Base and Teaching School with national, regional and local training and degree programmes on offer for all early years educators at every level.