Early Years Education and Childcare at Pen Green

The staff members at Pen Green believe children, parents and staff should: feel strong, feel in control, feel able to question, feel able to choose. It is important that staff follow these principles in our education and care settings for children aged from nine months to five years. We support children’s independence and autonomy.

“Only an education which takes very seriously the child’s view of things can change the world for the better”

Janusz Korczak

We believe that parents and children both have rights and it is the responsibility of the workers to ensure parents and children are held central to our work. There has always been a clear vision the Centre would be staffed by a multi-disciplinary team that would not only work with the children but value working in partnership with parents.

A third key principle is that parenting is a key concern for both men and women, we work hard to ensure that all parents are supported and both fathers and mothers have an important role in their child’s education and care.

Our fourth principle is our belief in creating a culture of high expectations for children, families and the staff. We want children and families to access services that are meaningful for them and support them to flourish and achieve positive outcomes. We want the staff to have high expectations for the children they work with and the families. We also want them to have high expectations for themselves; creating a culture of continuous development, reflection and learning.