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Pen Green in the Guardian!

Yesterday a brilliant article by former teacher and Author, Alex Beard was published on We had the pleasure of showing Alex around our Children’s Centre last year and he mentions this in his article,

“In search of the kind of learning environment that might best cultivate our natural abilities,
I visited Pen Green Early Childhood Centre, a specialist centre in early child development
in the Northamptonshire town of Corby.”

The article discusses the importance of understanding the development of infants’ minds and how this understanding can allow us to help them to reach their full potential. He spoke to Angela, a head of centre here at Pen Green, who said

“If we’re not addressing personal, social, emotional development first, you’re not ready to learn…
Behaviour is always just a sign of children trying to tell you something…
It’s about looking, what are the children trying to explore? What are they trying to find out?
It’s about being free, It’s about risk-taking.” 

You can read the full article here: