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Expression through Art – Ava’s Gallery

Ava you are a budding artist and each week the drawings and illustrations you create become more intricate and detailed. At Christmas you drew beautiful illustrations which were then used and published onto our real Christmas cards, your achievements in mark making are being recognized far and wide. You have always had a creative nature and artistic flare. You take much time in exploring media and materials, including a wide range mark making tools. You particularly like to use fine line pens to add detail to your drawings, you often tell an imaginative story oradd descriptive detail to the characters as you draw.
Expression through art is clearly a skill that you are mastering. I will continue to support your strong interest in this area, I know that mark making has consequential impact on your levels of well-being. You are beginning to share your artwork with other and will often draw images for significant others whilst at nursery. Mark making opportunities and resources will always be readily available, both outdoors and indoors, for you to access.