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My Learning Journey: MA Graduate

Written by Angela Dean, MA Graduate and Childcare Manager

I finished my MA this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

From previous experience I knew that studying at Pen Green would provide me with a learning environment where the uniqueness of the individual is celebrated and supported, thus facilitating the deep reflection and creativity that was to follow. Studying my MA was not a requirement of my workplace but my employers could see the benefits of my previous studies at Pen Green in my practice and supported my return. I remain in my role as a childcare manager even though I know there is a higher financial potential now that I have a Masters Degree. For me, it has been more about my learning journey and understanding myself better and then applying my transformations to my work and my life – it has made me a better person.

I am an ordinary, working class woman who had no idea that I could study at this level, I thought it was a world for academics, not people like me.


Well, there is an academic in everyone and you just need the right learning environment to let it grow.

I will be forever grateful to Pen Green for helping me find my academic self.


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